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A Safer Way to Trade


When entering the cryptocurrency (What Are Cryptocurrencies?) market, finding an honest and reliable trader is the single biggest challenge for many people. Now you can trade with confidence. CoinCards use tamper evident labels to secure the cryptographic key needed to recover your coin (Why CoinCards?).

Litecoin and Bitcoin Coming Soon

Infinitecoin Dogecoin

We're currently producing Infinitecoin and Dogecoin CoinCards. We will be producing Litecoin and Bitcoin later in 2014.

Bitcoin has created a lot of momentum, and several developers have designed newer cryptocurrencies based on Bitcoin’s model. The most well known is Litecoin - and for good reason. In November 2013 Litecoin’s value soared to over $40 per coin. Some people refer to Litecoin as silver to Bitcoin’s gold.

In that vein, we see Infinitecoin as copper. Copper is a highly valuable metal (just not as high as gold or silver). In contrast to Litecoin and Bitcoin, Infinitecoin is designed to quickly handle small transactions, making it the perfect medium for Bitcoin enthusiasts to use as ‘change’. We chose Infinitecoin to make that a reality and help provide you with the opportunity to be a pioneer.

Dogecoin is a wildly popular cryptocurrency created from and based off Litecoin's source code and a meme. Dogecoin has seen such success that some have even compared its value to Bitcoin. We expanded to offer Dogecoin CoinCards to make sure you have the opportunity to get into this popular and valuable cryptocurrency.

Giving Back


Since we entered the cryptocurrencies market, the value of Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies has grown tremendously. This is thanks to the people that hold and use cryptocurrencies - the people like you. To show our appreciation we pay it forward and donate a portion of our sales to various charities through eBay.

If you have any ideas of what we can do to help the community, feel free to contact us. We'd love to hear from you.

We accept contributions. These contributions are used to help load CoinCards.
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